CSE309 Databases

Instructor:Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yuriy Mishchenko (Toros University)


Introduction to the theory of relational databases, relational algebra, normalization, indexes, CRUD (Create/Read/Update/Delete) databases, SQL query language theory and applications


  1. Introduction to the subject of databases
  2. Relational design, relational algebra, knowledge querying
  3. Relational algebra exercises
  4. Database anomalies and normalization theory
  5. Database design using normalization, Uniform Modeling Language (UML)
  6. SQL structured query language, elements of SQL DDL (data definition language)
  7. SQL DML (data manipulation language), INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE and basic SELECT
  9. Advances SELECT, GROUP BY, ORDER BY, LIMIT, nested queries
  10. SQL JOINs, VIEWs, and transactions control
  11. Practical questions of SQL queries design
  12. SQL constraints, primary and foreign keys
  13. Database indexes
  14. Indexes design and indexed queries design


Evaluation is performed according to the corresponding Faculty guidelines.

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