CSE322 C/C++ Programming

Instructor:Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yuriy Mishchenko (Toros University)



Become familiar with essential structures of C and C++ programming language; Become familiar with main issues involved in writing C/C++ code; Develop ability to write simple C/C++ programs; Develop skills in using an IDE for C/C++ programs.


  1. Introduction to C/C++, history and place of C and C++ in modern software development, comparison with other programming languages
  2. C/C++ basics, data types, expressions, C program structure, simple C program
  3. Functions in C/C++, function declarations, by value and reference parameter passing, understanding pointers in C/C++
  4. Basic user input, put, printf, and scanf, working with strings and text in C programs
  5. Program control structures, conditional operator, loop operators
  6. IO to file and peripheral devices, concept of file, stream and buffering in C, main IO functions and their use
  7. Miscellaneous C topics: hidden operators, passing command line arguments and environment variables, project compilation structure, header files and make file
  9. C++, key language differences (non object oriented)
  10. C++ OOP structures
  11. Advanced OOP concepts, virtual functions, constructor copying
  12. Templates
  13. Key C++ packages and their uses
  14. Key C++ packages and their uses, continued


Evaluation is performed according to the corresponding Faculty guidelines.

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