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Instructors: Assist. Prof. Dr. Yuriy Mishchenko (office: B003)

Midterm practice problem set
Final practice problem set

Laboratory materials:
Example of Lab Report
Lab manuals:
    Common Labs:
  1. Measurements in electric circuits and Ohms Law (1st Common Lab)
  2. Kirchhoff's rules (2nd Common Lab)
  3. Parallel Labs:
  4. Kirchhoff's rules in AC circuits (Parallel Lab)
  5. Charging and discharging of a capacitor (Parallel Lab)
  6. Magnetic Fields and Magnetic Forces (Parallel Lab)
  7. Faraday's law and magnetic inductance (Parallel Lab)

Homework assignments:
HW1: 21.23;21.25;21.10;22.8;22.15;23.2
HW2: 22.30;22.25;23.3;23.4;23.9;23.49
HW3: 23.36;23.52;24.1;24.4;24.17;24.34
HW4: 23.34;23.39;24.43;24.49;25.49;25.54
HW5: 24.26;24.27;25.10;25.14;26.10;26.18
HW6-7: Midterm Practice Problem Set

Class topics:


This is an introductory physics course for non-major science and engineering students.


D. Halliday, R. Resnick, J. Walker Principles of Physics Extended, 9th Edition, Willey, 2011.

Course Objectives

The course’s objective is to introduce students to the fundamental concepts of physics and their practical applications, and to provide students with a foundation to build upon in their future work. The course introduces to non- major students the laws of electricity and magnetism, fundamentals of electric current and electric circuits, the properties of electro-magnetic waves, and special relativity.

Course Content

Laboratory Works

The course program includes one laboratory class per week in which students will acquire practical skills in performing and observing physical experiments as well as familiarize themselves with various physical concepts in practice. Attendance of the laboratory is compulsory.

Self study

The course program includes one homework assignment per week for self-study and self-control. Homework assignments are not compulsory.

Exams and Quizzes

The course program includes one midterm exams and one final exam. Midterm exam is 15% of the grade and the final exam is 40% of the grade.


Students’ final grade is: 15% attendance and class work, 20% laboratory work, 10% quizzes, 15% midterm, 40% final exam.

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