PHYS 100 General Physics I: Mechanics and Thermodynamics

Instructors: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yuriy Mishchenko
Office Hours: Monday-Thursday 16:00-17:00
Office: A305
Link to the course's webpage on IEU website:PHYS100 webpage at IEU website

Class powerpoints:

Course program

  1. Units and measurements, kinematics in one dimension
  2. Kinematics in two dimensions, vectors
  3. Newton's laws of motion, dynamics
  4. Further applications of Newton's laws
  5. Work and energy
  6. Conservation of energy
  7. Linear momentum
  8. Simple rotations about fixed axis
  9. General rotations
  10. Static equilibrium
  11. Temperature, laws of ideal gas
  12. Elements of kinetic theory of gases
  13. Heat and first law of thermodynamics
  14. Entropy and second law of thermodynamics
  15. Absolute zero and third law of thermodynamics
  16. The law of universal gravitation

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