Yuriy Mishchenko Papers:
Mishchenko Y. (2016) "Recent Advances in Neural Connectivity Inference Problem for Very Large Scale Population Calcium Imaging." in Neuroimaging, SM E-books, www.smgebooks.com/neuroimaging

This Neuroimaging e-book chapter chapter provides a technical overview of some of the important recent advances in computational connectivity inference from very large-scale population calcium imaging data, emphasizing specifically the opportunities that became open in population calcium imaging thanks to such advances. The chapter discusses the current status of the problem of computational deconvolution of calcium fluorescence signals, inference of neural connectivity from population calcium imaging data, and the recent advances related to the so-called sparse or "shotgun" neural activity imaging. The chapter presents a theoretical framework based on the notion of effective connectivity that can be used to combine recent computational and experimental advances in large-scale population calcium imaging and provide the foundation for rapid advancements in quantitative understanding of the neural circuits in the brain. Chapter's link is http://www.smgebooks.com/neuroimaging/chapters/NI-16-08.pdf. E-book's link is http://www.smgebooks.com/neuroimaging. Full text