Yuriy Mishchenko Papers:
Akirmak O. O., Cagdas T., Gokalp Z., Mishchenko Y. (2017) "Design of an Accessible, Powered Myoelectrically Controlled Hand Prosthesis.", TEM Journal, 6, 479

In this paper, an accessible myoelectric prosthetic hand design is described based on a modification of prior available mechanical prosthesis and all off-the-shelf parts and components. Despite significant advances in myoelectric prosthetics, existing such devices are firmly out of reach for a majority of the patients needing them, due to high cost and complexity of existing designs. This paper offers a simple design for a myoelectric prosthetic built on base of an existing mechanical prosthesis, which can be assembled with minimal expertise and all readily available parts, at approximately 1% the price of the cheapest commercially available such prosthetic. Full text