Yuriy Mishchenko Papers:
Kaya M., Aci C., Mishchenko Y. (2018) "A passive brain-computer interface for monitoring mental attention state." in Signal Processing and Communications Applications Conference (SIU), 2018 26th, Izmir

Operators who use a vehicle have less control load with fast improvements of robotic and autonom systems so that situation causes losing of attention an operator while important control processes. In this paper, a passive brain computer interface for monitoring mental attention state of human individuals by using electroencephalographic (EEG) brain activity imaging is developed using a machine learning data analysis method Support Vector Machine. Also a mental state detection system using EEG data is evolved as well. It has been determined that changes in EEG activity in the frontal and parietal lobes occurring in the 1-5 Hz and 1015 Hz frequency bands are associated with changes in attention state. Such changes were detected with 90% to 95% accuracy in experimental settings. The results of the work done will guide the design of future systems to monitor the status of the operators via EEG brain activity data.