Yuriy Mishchenko Papers:
Mishchenko Y., Yildiz Z. (2019) "Development of electroencephalographic brain-machine interfaces.", TUBAV Bilim Dergisi, 12, 1

Recent rapid development in neural activity imaging and analysis in neuroscience had fueled a revolution in our understanding of information processing and representation in the brain. Not only these advances resulted in new fundamental insights into brain?s organization, but they also paved the way for new treatments of earlier unmanageable neurological conditions. The field of Brain-Machine or Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI) is a relatively new field with the fast advances beginning only in the past 10-15 years. Today, BCI research promises radically novel communication systems and prosthetic devices having potential to significantly improve the quality of life of thousands of people with disabilities or severe injuries. BCI in Turkey in the field of theoretical and practical dimensions has made very little work. In this study, especially basic studies about electroencephalography brain-computer interfaces (EEG BCI) and history are given. In addition, different data processing approaches, different electrode regulation strategies, different mental action usage and different interfaces are studied in the field of EEG BBA. (in Turkish) Full text