Yuriy Mishchenko Papers:
Mishchenko Y. (2008) "Strategies for identifying exact structure of neural circuits with broad light microscopy connectivity probes.", Nature Precedings; retrieved http://hdl.handle.net/10101/npre.2009.2669.2

In this paper I study the possibility of reconstructing anatomical connectivity matrix of a neural circuit in the brain, from an ensemble of measurements performed with fluorescent synaptic markers genetically introduced into transgenic model to express in random manner in different neurons. This setup can be treated as random sampling of the connections from the connectivity matrix, which therefore allows to infer the connectivity matrix from a sample of such measurements using the analysis methods of compressive sensing. Analysis of potential performance of such approach in one popular neuroscience model, C. elegans, leads to very encouraging results, implying that complete connectivity in that animal can be routinely reconstructed over a span of a few days - a fit yet unheard of in neuroscience. Full text