Yuriy Mishchenko Papers:
Mishchenko Y. (2006) "Remedy for the fermion sign problem in the diffusion Monte Carlo method for few fermions with antisymmetric diffusion process.", Physical Review E 73, 026706

This works introduces an original "solution" to so called fermion problem of diffusion Monte Carlo. Diffusion Quantum Monte Carlo is a method for solving Schrodinger equation using what is now known particle filtering, ie by interpreting solution wave-function as density of diffusing particles, and then simulating diffusion corresponding to particular potential in Schrodinger equation. Fermion sign problem is a very old issue with this paradigm, applied to calculation of the ground states of fermion, since the true ground state of Schrodinger equation is always bosonic, and fermionic ground state is exp-weak fluctuation on top of it. Solution proposed in this paper was to supplement Schrodinger equation with non-local anti-symmetrization operator, which makes fermion state the true ground state of the problem. This solution was moderately successful, whereas non-local nature of the anti-symmetrization operator led to complications extending this idea to higher dimensional problems. Ultimately, I did not continue pursuing this problem as I switched at that time to the problem of neural circuit reconstructions in neuroscience. Full text